Article | 30 Oct, 2014

A good year for Bazaruto's Dugongs

Reaching October without a single Dugong mortality is something we need to shout about according to SOS Grantee Karen Allen from IUCN Member, Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).


Emailing SOS from her base in Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, Mozambique Karen explains: “this means, that through SOS support- we have managed to prevent losses from Bazaruto's Dugong population for a full year.” While SOS funded Karen’s work, this short film illustrates just how many people helped make the project a success so far:



CEO of EWT, Yolan Friedmann called it “extraordinary news”. Karen elaborates, "preventing Dugong mortality in order to sustain the Western Indian Ocean's last viable Dugong population would never have been possible without support from SOS. This month marks a noteworthy conservation success in that our conservation efforts have prevented the loss of any Dugongs in a full 1 year- Thank you SOS!".


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