Launch of the Global Consultation on Water: The World We Want 2015

As UN-Water partner, IUCN is supporting the global launch today of the Thematic Consultation on Water. This public consultation process is part of the UN-led global dialogue 'The World We Want 2015'.

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The water consultation is mainly taking place as an online web-based discussion using different social media. The purpose is to bring in voices from a wide range of stakeholders to build a consensus around key future challenges in water, and the need for a new global water goal in the post-2015 development agenda.

The online consultations focus on different themes, such as inequalities, governance, health and many others in order to generate input through a wide multimedia platform from all global corners and sectors. The Thematic Consultation on Water will consist of two parts; the general global dialogue on water, and the sub-consultations which focus on particular elements of water. The consultation is coordinated by UN-Water, UNDESA and UNICEF and launched jointly on Wednesday 21st November at 3pm CET by UN-Water Partners and Members.

How to get involved:
• Comment: interact directly on the World We Want webpage;
• Twitter: Tweet news or state your views on twitter. Twitter account @WaterPost2015;
• Facebook: read news, post and state you views. Facebook group WaterPost2015;
• Water-2015 related news: suggest current news and developments related to water and the post-2015; development agenda, the SDG process, cover events and more on the webpage;
• Quiz and questions: participate in the quiz or polls on pertinent water challenges to raise awareness;
• Videos/YouTube clips: suggest existing water related videos/YouTube clips to inform or inspire discussions;
• Link to other sources and web-pages, suggest links to blogs and similar that can create awareness about the water consultation process.

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