IUCN re-elected on WWC Board of Governors

During the recent 6th General Assembly of the World Water Council (WWC), IUCN was re-elected on the Board of Governors. IUCN’s Mark Smith and Alejandro Iza will serve for a second term as Board Governors and help oversee and guide the World Water Council’s work for another 3 years, until the next Water Forum in 2015 to be held in Daegu Gyeongbuk, South Korea.

Dr Mark Smith

The elections took place during the triennial General Assembly where 240 WWC Members had gathered in Marseille, France. The members elected 36 Governors from 64 candidatures.

IUCN is very pleased to again have the opportunity to support the World Water Council through our participation in the Board of Governors for another 3 years. I am grateful for the confidence and trust that members have shown in the work of IUCN. At a time of increased pressure on water resources to meet growing demands for food and energy production, serving on the Board of Governors allows IUCN to play a crucial role in putting the needs and services of ecosystems forward as part of the solutions package needed”, said Mark Smith, Director IUCN Global Water Programme.

A new President of the World Water Council was also appointed, following the end of term of Mr. Loic Fauchon. Professor Benedito Braga from Brazil will serve as the new World Water Council President, stating that “this mandate will be characterized by continuity with change and innovation”.

The Council has focused during the past three years on increasing awareness, fostering dialogue and encouraging the emergence of solutions. The Council now plans on moving forward in three strategic directions: water security for human essential needs, water security for economic development, and water security for environmental sustainability. Echoed in the expert speeches, the consensus among the members showed that it is time to go from solutions to commitments and implementation.

During the 3-day Assembly meeting, 20 new Governors took seat in the Board, from 13 countries and 6 international organizations who represent the five Council colleges: Intergovernmental Organizations, Governments and Governmental Authorities, Enterprises and Facilities, Civil Society and Water Users Associations and Professional Associations and Academics. The Board of Governors serves on a mandate of three years that leads up to the World Water Forum.

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