Nature in the streets – the green heart of Hyderabad

While delegates are busy discussing the future of our planet’s natural realm, you don't have to look far to see conservation action on the ground. Through its ‘Green Hyderabad Environment Programme’, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HDMA) is developing green spaces to improve the quality of life in Hyderabad, conserve the city's biodiversity and engage local communities in conserving nature. The programme is supported by the Government of India, a State Member of IUCN.

The project involves restoring lakes in Hyderabad and improving water security in the city Photo: IUCN

The project involves reforesting Hyderabad's degraded areas, creating green parks and restoring the city's urban lakes. While making Hyderabad greener, reducing its pollution and increasing food and water security of its people, the scheme also creates jobs for local communities, making their lives more sustainable.

Mr Sunil Kumarr Gupta of the HMDA explains the many benefits the project brings to the people of Hyderabad.


The project has been a life-changing experience for almost seven thousand women from some of Hyderabad’s poorest areas. By engaging them in developing nursery planations, it has given them the opportunity to gain extra income and even set up their own businesses.


Dr Rawat of IUCN’s India Country Programme Office explains why projects like this one are important for the growing urban population in India.


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