Nepal Government to Update National Conservation Strategy

 The Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission (NPC) is all set to update National Conservation Strategy (NCS) 1988. The press conference was organized in the world’s largest and most important conservation event- IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) to share the process and need for updating in international arena.

Giving speech during the press conference

In the 1980s, Nepal was among the pioneering countries to formulate a National Conservation Strategy. The 1988 National Conservation Strategy, developed by NPC with technical cooperation of IUCN was well received in the country and recognized internationally among the scientific community and development practitioners. Nepal has then participated and is signatory to a number of international conferences and agreements including the United Nations Convention on Environment and Development, The Ramsar Convention, The UN Millennium Development Goals and ratified the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The updated strategy will also address the new socio-economic and environmental challenges in Nepal. Along with issues like climate change and rapid urbanization, the country is also facing food, water and energy scarcity.

“The revised strategy will adopt nature based pragmatic approaches to meet these challenges with new concepts like green economy and IUCN will provide technical assistance to develop the strategy”, said Mr. Bhaba Krishna Bhattarai, Joint Secretary, National Planning Commission. “The Government of Nepal would like to develop the new strategy in such a way that it serves as an umbrella framework, setting standards and guidelines that will be used for integrating nature conservation in Nepal’s all national development strategies and programs.”

“The Government aims for the nature conservation strategic framework to feed into the forthcoming periodic development plan which is scheduled to be formulated in this fiscal year and going to be implemented in the coming fiscal year”, he added.

“Nepal is one of the first countries of Asia region to develop National Conservation Strategy. We studied that and take as a model NCS of Nepal to develop conservation strategy in other countries including Pakistan”, said Ms. Aban Marker Krabaji, Regional Director, IUCN Asia. “It is a high time on which Nepal initiated the process of updating National Conservation Strategy and I think it will be an exemplary for other countries too.”

“A new Nature Conservation Strategic Framework will be guiding framework for conserving nature over the coming decades”, said Dr. Yam Malla, Country Representative of IUCN Nepal. “There is no doubt that the overall process for developing the strategic framework will be people centered. A multi stakeholder, inclusive and participatory approach from all geographic regions will be adopted while developing of the strategy.”

Earlier this year, the National Planning Commission of Nepal and IUCN jointly organized a consultation workshop among the government, non-government, civil society, private sector and development partners to help review the strengths, achievements and gaps, challenges and opportunities for a better conservation strategy.

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