Nature’s “zigzags” in Serbia

Ever heard of Uvac Meanders? This is where nature gets at its most spectacular. Over the years, the Uvac River in Serbia has deeply carved the limestone rocks along its way and formed narrow canyon valleys which zigzag across the mountains. The landscape is breathtaking.  

Uvac Special Nature Reserve

The Uvac Special Nature Reserve is one of the natural secrets of Serbia – the country in our Focus in August 2012.

Located in South-Eastern Europe, Serbia covers an area of 88,407 km2 with moderate continental climate. Serbia is a country of rich ecosystem and species diversity – covering only 1,9% of the whole European territory it is home to 39% of European vascular flora, 51% of European fish fauna, 40% of European reptile and amphibian fauna, 74% of European bird fauna, 67% European mammal fauna. The diversity of ecosystems in Serbia is primarily evident in the diversity and specific character of its vegetation.

462 natural areas in Serbia are protected, out of which 5 are national parks, 16 landscape of exceptional features, 67 nature reserves, 16 nature parks, 316 natural monuments and 42 areas of cultural and historical importance. The total protected area is 5.91% of the Serbian territory (522,120 ha). The spatial plan of the Republic of Serbia states that the total protected area should be increased to 10% by 2015 and to 12% by 2021.

There are five IUCN Members in Serbia and IUCN Programme Office for South-Eastern Europe is located in its capital Belgrade, generously hosted since its opening in 2004 by IUCN Member Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia.

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