Progress towards better governance of Protected Areas

In the in-depth review of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and IUCN WCPA identified a lack of progress on Element 2 on Governance, Participation, Equity and Benefit Sharing.

Rangers on patrol, Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area, Lao PDR Photo: WCS Lao PDR Program

To address this problem, at the Jeju International Workshop on the Future of POWPA, in September 2009, TILCEPA and GiZ initiated discussions on how to support improvement in protected area governance. Subsequently, the CBD requested that GIZ lead development of a resource kit on protected area governance. With support from the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme, IUCN Social Policy, TILCEPA, WCPA, CEESP and ICCA Consortium, this kit has been in development over the last year. 

The structure and context of the resource kit will be as follows:

Volume 1: Deals with definitions and concepts to help deepen understanding of protected area governance and offers some step-by-step advice on how to assess the state and quality of governance of protected area systems and sites, identifying gaps and understanding possible remedies.

Volume 2: Contains activities to help trainers to design and conduct capacity development workshops and processes for those involved in protected area governance.

The kit is meant to be used by all kinds of protected area practitioners. These include government at all levels, non-governmental organisations, indigenous peoples and community organizations, owners of private protected areas, researchers, funding and development agencies and people broadly interested in establishing and managing protected areas.

The final version will be available for comment by WCPA members in late June, 2012. Those willing to comment should contact Jordi Surkin in GPAP to register their interest.

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