BirdLife partner advances conservation work in Hungary

BirdLife Hungary/MME (the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society) is a member of BirdLife International and is the BirdLife partner in Hungary. Since 1992, the organization is a Member of IUCN. It was formed by more than 200 enthusiastic bird-lovers in 1974 to protect birds and their natural environment. By 2010 the number of members has grown to over 25,000.

Habitat restoration for meadow viper

Initially, BirdLife Hungary/MME’s work was primarily based on population surveys of threatened species. The activities of the organisation have later been extended to active conservation work. BirdLife Hungary/MME’s main aim is the promotion of natural values and lobbying for nature conservation through cooperation with governmental and local authorities, other NGOs and stakeholders.

The work of BirdLife Hungary/MME is coordinated by a central office through local branches and working-groups. 32 local groups work all around the country. Species protection programmes for endangered species have also been created. BirdLife Hungary/MME’s habitat protection projects are mainly focused on grasslands and fishponds, among others. The organization also puts great emphasis on nature education (Birdwatching-school and kindergarten, camps etc.) to increase the awareness of younger generations.

Among the current and most significant national conservation activities are: conservation of the Hungarian meadow viper; conservation of the Imperial eagle; monitoring programmes; and taking part in Natura 2000 maintenance planning. Among the main international activities, BirdLife Hungary/MME coordinates the International Imperial Eagle Working Group, cross border monitoring of vulnerable bird species and the conservation of the Falco cherrug in Northeast Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

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