Midterm Review of Phase 2 of MFF Small Grants Facility in Sri Lanka

The Phase 2 of the Small Grants Facility (SGF) of the Mangrove for the Future (MFF) initiative which commenced operation in 2011 has so far funded 22 projects to be implemented in five coastal priority areas in Sri Lanka.


The grants were awarded May to November 2011 and by end of January 2012, five projects which had short project durations have been completed and one was terminated due to financial malpractice. 

To review the progress of the balance projects, a Midterm Review was held on 23 February, 2012 in Polonnaruwa. This was attended by the Project Mangers of 14 of the 16 ongoing projects. For this review, Dr Ranjith Mahihndapala, Programme Manager represented the MFF Secretariat in Bangkok while Dr Anil Premaratna, Director General of  Coast Conservation & Coastal Resources Management Department and Mr Lakshman Nirodhawardena, Director of Small Fishers’ Federation of Sri Lanka represented the MFF National Steering Committee (NSC).

MFF National Secretariat (IUCN Sri Lanka) was represented by the MFF National Coordinator, Sri Lanka (who is also the Small Grants Manager) and the Finance Manager.

The technical progress was reviewed based on the deliverables agreed by the Grantees at the project inception and the financial progress was reviewed based on the standard statement which the Grantees use for reporting purposes.  The Grantees found this exercise to be very useful and appreciated the Reviewers’ comments.   

The Reviewers commended the SGF in Sri Lanka and rated 95% of projects as satisfied.  The discussions that followed the review came out with several valuable recommendations on SGF to be submitted to the NSC for their consideration.   

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Climate Change
Sri Lanka
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Mangroves for the Future 
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