IUCN procurement covers the purchase of goods, services and capital items, including the procurement of consultancy services.

IUCN is committed to ensuring that procurement is conducted to a high standard and that best practices are adhered to at all times. In particular, IUCN seeks to minimize environmental impacts in all its procurement decisions. Purchases are evaluated using a variety of criteria, including the necessity for the purchase in the first place to the eventual disposal of any goods procured.

Suppliers are selected through a competitive process. The process is rigorous and designed to guarantee quality and performance from our suppliers. We ensure that all potential suppliers are subject to the same conditions and that information received is confidential. In addition, we stipulate that our suppliers:

  • adhere to sound environmental practices
  • maintain ethical business practices at all times
  • are not involved in any form of corruption or any fraudulent activities
  • do not engage in any collusive or coercive practices

Suppliers and bids are evaluated on the basis of both environmental and economic factors. Supplier evaluation criteria include: environmental policy, financial health, capacity and expertise, previous experience and reputation. Individual bids are evaluated on the basis of environmental impact, cost, quality, fit to requirements and delivery time.


IUCN conducts a formal tender process for all procurements with an estimated value of CHF 100,000 or higher. Items to be procured by tender are posted on this web site with a summary of the goods or services required.

Companies or individuals wishing to participate in a tender must first notify IUCN of their wish to submit a bid and provide a summary of their expertise and experience and why they believe they can meet the requirements of IUCN.

The person responsible for the procurement in IUCN will then review the information submitted by the prospective bidder, and in the event that the prospective bidder meets the minimum requirements, the formal tender documents will be sent to the bidder.

Open tenders

IUCN is currently seeking to procure the goods and services listed below through open tenders.

Closed tenders


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