Webinar | 15 Jul, 2022

Governing Sustainable Agrifood Systems: Strengthening Legislation and Building Capacity to Support Implementation, Compliance and Enforcement

Join FAO and IUCN WCEL on Friday 15 July 2022 for this webinar about the effective and sustainable governance of agrifood systems.

The effective and sustainable governance of agrifood systems at the national level involves different stages: starting with sound legal drafting and enactment of appropriate laws to give effect to national policies and their effective implementation, compliance, and enforcement. The roundtable discussion aims to raise awareness of the need to build capacity for the effective implementation, compliance and enforcement of the law, along all stages of the regulatory process.

In this context, the sustainable management of agrifood systems including natural resource use will be explored during four roundtable discussions, which will include presentations from panelists representing academia, law-makers, experts in the fields of food and agriculture including forestry and fisheries, the environment and the legal profession. The event will be moderated by Ms Christina Voigt, Professor of Law, University of Oslo and Chair of the IUCN's World Commission on Environmental Law. An opening statement by FAO Director-General Qu will be made during the high level opening key notes.