IUCN event | 11 Jul, 2022

PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet: building integrated solutions for biodiversity and development

This side event will explore how PANORAMA works and showcase how participants can contribute to and benefit from the initiative. It will present specific solutions on gender (SDG5) and partnerships (SDG17). It will also provide analysis of solutions relating to protected areas and how they support human needs, to achieve development and conservation outcomes in “win-win” scenarios.

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Photo: GRID Arendal

Achieving sustainable development and “building back better” requires the ability to use and reframe existing good practices.

PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet promotes examples of inspirational, integrated solutions for nature conservation and sustainable development through a sophisticated online platform, face-to-face meetings, contests and a wide variety of communications formats. PANORAMA constitutes a unique tool to support cross-sectoral peer to peer learning and scaling up of successful approaches for the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030, currently offering more than 1,100 solutions from over 800 local providers across 12 diverse thematic areas.

As a neutral platform provided by a multi-actor partnership, PANORAMA puts SDG 17 into practice. The solution examples collectively contribute to all of the SDGs, in particular Goals 13, 14 and 15.

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