IUCN event | 23 Mar, 2023

Committing to advance transboundary water cooperation worldwide for sustainable development, climate action, stability and peace

Transboundary waters account for 60% of the world’s freshwater flows. More than 3 billion people depend on them. To sustain and advance cooperation, the Transboundary Water Cooperation Coalition, a diverse, multi-stakeholder coalition of actors from around the world with a wide range of functions and capacities, was formed. The side event will highlight commitments made to the Water Action Agenda of the UN Water Conference to improve transboundary water cooperation.

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Photo: Wynand Uys on Unsplash

In preparation for the Water Conference, the Coalition has provided a catalysing framework for the submission of voluntary commitments on transboundary water cooperation as part of the Water Action Agenda. Highlighted commitments will address different dimensions: Legal and institutional, Data, information, knowledge and technical support, Capacity development and Funding and financing. A particular emphasis will be made on the benefits of transboundary water cooperation, and on financing.

Speakers will include high-level representatives of Coalition members and of other transboundary cooperation actors, such as river basin organizations.

More information is available at https://unece.org/environmental-policy/events/committing-advance-transboundary-water-cooperation-worldwide