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IUCN’s work on World Heritage is managed by the World Heritage Programme, headquartered in Gland, Switzerland. We work in close collaboration with a network of World Heritage science advisers, World Heritage focal points in each of IUCN’s regional offices, the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), and IUCN’s Global Protected Areas Programme (GPAP).

Contact details:

IUCN World Headquarters
Rue Mauverney 28
1196 Gland
Phone: +41 (22) 999-0000
Fax: +41 (22) 999-0002

IUCN World Heritage Programme

Peter ShadiePeter Shadie

Director, IUCN World Heritage Programme


Elena OsipovaElena Osipova

Senior Monitoring Officer, IUCN World Heritage Outlook

Lead on the IUCN World Heritage Outlook. Regional focal point for Central Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Oceania. Thematic lead on climate change including invasive alien species, and benefits, rights and communities. For related queries, contact:


Mizuki MuraiMizuki Murai

World Heritage Conservation Officer, Partnerships

Lead on building partnerships for IUCN’s World Heritage conservation work. Regional focal point for East and Southern Africa, North America and Asia. Thematic lead on tourism and impact assessments including no-go, extractives, hydro and infrastructure. For related queries, contact:


Katherine Zischka, World Heritage Conservation OfficerKatherine Zischka

World Heritage Conservation Officer

Lead on the coordination of IUCN's work on monitoring the state of conservation of natural and mixed World Heritage sites. Regional focal point for West and Central Africa, the Arab States and Western Europe. Thematic lead on marine, as well as poaching, logging and illegal wildlife trade. For related queries, contact:


Ulrika Aberg Ulrika Åberg

World Heritage Monitoring Officer

Ongoing research and monitoring on the state of conservation of natural and mixed World Heritage sites. For related queries, contact:


Clemens Kupper, Evaluations and Operations Officer Clemens Küpper

Evaluations and Operations Officer, World Heritage Programme

For queries on IUCN's evaluations of World Heritage nominations, upstream support to States Parties, or the IUCN World Heritage Panel, contact:


Célia ZwahlenCélia Zwahlen

World Heritage Communications Officer

For press, editorial, image or web-related queries, contact:


Matea Osti, Knowledge and Information OfficerMatea Osti

World Heritage Knowledge and Information Officer

For queries on the IUCN World Heritage Outlook website, or other knowledge products produced by the IUCN World Heritage Programme, contact:


Matthew Emslie-Smith, World Heritage Junior ProfessionalMatthew Emslie-Smith

Junior Professional

For queries related to the assessment process of the IUCN World Heritage Outlook, contact:


Eugene Jo, World Heritage Leadership CoordinatorEugene Jo

Programme Coordinator - World Heritage Leadership

For queries about the IUCN/ICCROM World Heritage Leadership programme, contact:


Johary RakotojoharyJohary Rakotojohary

Programme Finance Manager - IUCN Global Programme Operations Unit



Bastian BertzkyBastian Bertzky

World Heritage Science Adviser


Cyril KormosCyril Kormos

Vice-Chair for World Heritage, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas


Tilman JaegerTilman Jaeger

Programme Adviser, IUCN World Heritage Programme


Tim BadmanTim Badman

Director, IUCN Nature-Culture Initiative 


Regional focal points

East Africa – IUCN East Africa Regional Office (Kenya)

Leo Niskanen

Technical Coordinator - Conservation Areas & Species Diversity


West and Central Africa – IUCN West and Central Africa Regional Office (Burkina Faso)

Youssouph Diedhiou

Protected Areas Officer


Latin America & the Caribbean – IUCN Mesoamerica Regional Office (Costa Rica)

José Courrau

Senior Officer, Protected Areas

Melissa Marín

Oficial Técnica (Cambio Climático)

Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (Bahrain)

Tabe’a programme:

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