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La CMAP de la UICN se ufana de su trayectoria proponiendo directrices internacionales para los profesionales involucrados en la gestión de áreas protegidas.

Si desea publicar bajo el auspicio de la CMAP de la UICN, sírvase leer las siguientes directrices y envíe una copia de su formulario de presentación al Vicepresidente de Publicaciones Peter Valentine y a Delwyn Dupuis, Encargada de Comunicaciones del GPAP de la UICN.

La forma de publicar para la UICN CMAP documentos oficiales Sexto UICN Congreso Mundial de Parques 2014
Protected Areas for Life's Sake

Protected Areas for Life's Sake

How protected areas enrich our lives and secure the web of life …  

15 Oct 2008 | Downloads - publication
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History of WCPA

50 Years of working for protected areas - A brief history of IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas

Over the past 50 years we’ve created a network of exceptional pe ople in every region and biogeographic realm, says IUCN WCPA Chair Nik Lopoukhine: “This Commission provides information, science and guidance to answer the deceptively simple question ‘Protected areas: What are they and what do you want to do with them?’” …  

11 Sep 2009 | Downloads - publication

World's Protected Areas

The World's Protected Areas: Status Value and Prospects in the 21st Century

Stuart Chape is Program Manager—Island Ecosystems Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP), and formerly Head—World Heritage and Protected Areas Program, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. Mark D. Spalding, lead author of the popular World Atlas of Coral Reefs (UC Press) and author of A Guide to the Coral Reefs of the Caribbean (UC Press), has worked extensively with the United Nations Environment Program and is now Senior Marine Scientist in the The Nature Conservancy's Global Conservation Approach Team. Martin D. Jenkins is Senior Advisor, Species Conservation at UNEP's World Conservation Monitoring Centre. …  

14 Jan 2009 | Downloads - publication


2003 United Nations list of protected areas

This UN List is the thirteenth produced since 1962 and the first version to attempt a comprehensive presentation of all the world’s known protected areas. The introductory text presents an analysis and the accompanying CD lists more than 102,000 sites covering 18.8 million sq. km. Significant progress has been made in conserving representative areas of the world’s terrestrial biomes, although some, including Lake Systems and Temperate Grasslands, remain under-represented. It is an essential reference document for all who want to understand the progress made in responding to the challenges of biodiversity loss and other environmental threats around the world. Published in collaboration with IUCN WCPA, UNEP and UNEP-WCMC. …  

14 Nov 2003 | Downloads - publication