Enhancing the legal regime on Protected Areas in Dominican Republic

Representatives from Ministries and civil society met on 14 October 2011 in Santo Domingo to bring together ideas for enhancing the PA legal regime in Dominican Republic so that it integrates biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation.

Domincan landscape Photo: Internet

This workshop is one of the activities being implemented under the ELC project “Protected areas law at the intersection of biodiversity conservation and climate change” which is managed in conjunction with IUCN’s Regional Office for Mesoamerica and is part of the IUCN Caribbean Initiative.

This first orientation workshop aimed at providing and sharing information among all stakeholders on the project that will be analyzing the protected areas law in RD and also at introducing and explaining IUCN’s Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation.

The 25 participants included representatives of relevant ministries, international agencies and NGOs. During the workshop the participants worked in two groups and discussed the strengths and weaknesses in the management of terrestrial and marine protected areas in the country and the possible legal mechanisms that would need to be considered to adapt to climate change.

The next dialogue under this project is planned for February 2012 in Santo Domingo.

Besides this, the project team participated in a two-day national dialogue on biodiversity and climate change held at the Dominican Senate. At this occasion they were given the opportunity to present the Guidelines on Protected Areas legislation which was very much welcomed by the national authorities.

For more information, please contact Sarah Lucas, Legal Officer. 

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