IUCN's Global Protected Area Programme Priorities

How can I help?

jeju logo Photo: IUCN

FIVE linked major programmatic priorities are needed to pursue IUCN’s mission and to align with IUCN’s new business plan and emerging 2013 – 2016 Programme:

  1. Enhance the capacity to effectively manage protected areas systems to conserve biodiversity
  2. Mainstream protected areas as natural solutions to global challenges, including biodiversity loss and climate change
  3. Foster equitable governance of protected area systems
  4. Facilitate the economic role and sustainable financing of protected areas systems
  5. Communicate and advocate the value of protected area systems

You are invited to indicate how you or your organization can help IUCN’s Global Protected Area Programme to undertake these initiatives, announce them at the World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea in 2012, implement them through the IUCN Quadrennial Programme 2013-2016, and celebrate successes and envisage future scenarios at the once in ten year IUCN World Parks Congress in 2014.

West and Central Africa
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