CEESP announces new SC members

We are pleased to introduce to you and welcome two new members of the CEESP Steering Committee.

Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere Photo: Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere

Jennifer is a lawyer working in environmental law, human rights and development, and also works as a consultant, and an independent researcher. Her work focuses on human rights and environmental intersections including the links between environmental policy and law, human security and well-being, and social-ecological resilience. Jennifer is also a member of IUCN's Commission on Environmental Law and of the Commission on Environment, Economic and Social Policy.

Mohammad Shahbaz is the new CEESP Regional Vice-Chair for West Asia. Mohammad has accumulated an extensive experience in environmental practice, management and policies for the last 25 years in Jordan and evolved into a productive role at the international level. Working at the Jordanian Department of Environment in 1983 enabled him to recognize the national environmental setting. At the Higher Council for Science and technology (HCST) he masterminded the environmental component in the National Science and Technology Policy and Strategy for Jordan. In 1995 he headed the Jordan Badia Research Development Centre (BRDC). He was elected Member of the IUCN Council in 2008 and coordinated the IUCN National Committee in Jordan since 2000.

A new and exciting development for CEESP is the new position of CEESP Network Officer based at the IUCN HQ in Gland Switzerland. We welcome into this position, Georgina Peard whose primary role is to support IUCN's “one programme” implementation by strengthening and optimising technical collaboration between CEESP and the IUCN Secretariat (both at global and regional level). Georgina is responsible for profiling and championing the thematic work of CEESP in IUCN knowledge and communication products. Her specific duties and responsibilities include to:

  1. Facilitate interaction between CEESP and the IUCN Secretariat to enhance delivery of the IUCN Programme;
  2. Provide technical support to strengthen CEESP's planning processes and contribution to the delivery of the global programme; and
  3. Support knowledge management and communications.


Work area: 
Social Policy
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