Understanding Community Conservation in Europe

Workshop announcement and call for contributions
(Deadline for submitting abstracts 30th April, 2011)

Europe farmers Photo: CEESP

This workshop will gather and document a variety of examples and make possible an exchange of knowledge and awareness of community conservation and ICCAs within Europe. But the aim is broader than sharing and diffusing information and appreciating cases rooted in diverse socio-ecological contexts. From the analysis of examples, the workshop participants will draw lessons for policy and practice, and formulate recommendations for ways of appropriately recognising, supporting and stimulating community conservation in Europe. Further, UNEP WCMC will analyse opportunities for including some of the presented cases in the ICCA Registry now under development. And the most telling examples and lessons will be compiled for the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme to take inspiration in designing the forthcoming 6th World Parks Congress (to be convened by IUCN in 2014). It is envisaged, in fact, that some cases might be recommended for illustration at the Congress itself. About 30 participants will receive sponsorship of all local costs.

Applications: Interested participants are kindly requested to develop an abstract–- one page maximum, preferably including pictures— describing the contribution(s) they would wish to offer to the workshop. Such contributions can take the form of written papers and/or short videos (5 to 10 minutes) describing one or more ICCA sites or broader analyses of issues and supportive or hindering conditions. Contributions should be delivered as succinct oral presentations or poster presentations at this workshop.

For more information on the content of abstracts, further details and logistics of this workshop and contact information, please visit http://www.iccaforum.org/

Work area: 
Social Policy
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