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See audio, video and photo resources from IUCN and the International Year of Biodiversity. IUCN takes stock of what has been achieved and looks at what lies ahead. 

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There was much celebration over the Convention on Biological Diversity conference that took place in Nagoya, Japan in October where governments approved a ‘Big Plan’ for the next 10 years to restore the natural world. A major breakthrough came in the form of a new agreement on managing the planet’s genetic resources and a significant step was taken towards a new funding agreement for biodiversity conservation.

For this month’s focus we’ve prepared a special audio feature in which IUCN experts explain the implications of the Nagoya decisions; what they mean for protected areas, threatened species and habitats, funding for conservation and so on. In our video feature, prominent figures from around the world outline what they see as the greatest priorities for saving biodiversity. And there’s more: read about the work of marine conservation expert Alex Rogers, find out how much you’ve learned about the world of biodiversity conservation by taking our short quiz and browse our biodiversity photo galleries.

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