CEC Welcomes Sarah Alexander as Specialty Group Leader for Agro-security and Biofuels

CEC is starting a new Specialty Group on Agro-security and Biofuels.

Sarah Stokes Alexander is the CEC Specialty Group Leader for Agro-Security and Biofuels Photo: Keystone Center

Sarah Stokes Alexander has accepted the invitation of CEC Chair Keith Wheeler to serve as Specialty Group Leader for the new group on agro-security and biofuels for members of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication.

CEC will provide expertise in knowledge management, communications and capacity development in issues related to this new CEC Specialty Group. We will especially look at the relationship between the expanding global need for protein and the impacts on biodiversity and sustainability. Agro-security is about protecting food and agriculture systems and infrastructure. It looks ahead for options to address the challenges of food insecurity, climate change and natural resource degradation. It can also encompass national responses to agro-terrorism or to natural and man-made disasters, which can be particularly devastating in developing countries.

Sarah Stokes Alexander serves as Director of Environment and Sustainability Programs for The Keystone Center and has over 15 years of experience as a facilitator on collaborative, multi-stakeholder efforts where science and policy intersect. She has facilitated numerous efforts in the areas of sustainability, agriculture, transportation, environmental cleanup, and forestry at local, national, and international levels. She has provided facilitation of industry-led sustainability initiatives, interagency coordination efforts, regulatory negotiations, strategic planning, and national and regional dialogues. She provides training in collaborative leadership, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability strategies. She graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor's degree in environmental studies and holds a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University.


To join the new group, CEC members may contact:

Sarah Alexander
CEC Specialty Group Leader for Agro-Security

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