Integration, integration, integration!

Integration is the word that repeatedly resonated in the hall where the conference closing the International Year of Biodiversity was held yesterday.

EU Presidency

The event, organized by the Belgian Presidency to the EU with the cooperation of IUCN, was the occasion to take stock of the political action for biodiversity carried out by Belgium and to discuss the next steps for the sustainable use of resources and the promotion of biodiversity at EU and national level. The event also served as the first forum for different actors to come together and discuss biodiversity conservation.

In the morning a number of national and international experts representing the EU, companies, trade unions, consumers and NGOs presented the conclusions of the Presidency and the future prospects for 2011. The afternoon session saw concrete examples from companies under the theme “How to work together?” which discussed cooperation with NGOs and local authorities. IUCN was represented in the panels by Hans Friederich, Regional Director for Pan-Europe and Shulamit Alony, Regional Business and Biodiversity Officer who presented the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform. 

The outcomes of the conference will contribute to the implementation of a Belgian federal plan 2009-2013 which will aim to improve integration of biodiversity into 4 federal sectors (Economy, Development Cooperation, Science Policy and Transport).

To read more about the conference please visit the Belgian Presidency website.

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