Red List Learning – CEC input and opportunities

In the past four months, CEC Specialty Group Leader on Learning and Leadership, Gillian Martin Mehers, has been contributing to a Red List Learning Materials Makeover.

IUCN Red List logo Photo: IUCN

The IUCN Red List has an important role in helping new assessors learn more about using their Red List Categories and Criteria (more information on Red List Training). With such a complex and important process as conducting Red List assessments, a new interactive and innovative assessor learning and training course is being developed, as well as a companion Training of Trainers course.

The new course uses advance adult learning and facilitation techniques to give new assessors a hands-on experience using the Red List Categories and Criteria to do both global and regional Red List Assessments, as well as to use the Species Information Service (SIS) online tool for submissions. As a part of this process, Gillian produced a list of useful resources for learning courses, which she posted on her blog: You Learn Something New Every Day. The article is called: Swimming in the Sea of Learning Resources

As the new course takes shape, both for assessors and Trainers, the Red List Training team is looking for contributions from any CEC members working in learning materials and especially video development to contribute to their development process. They would also be very interested to be connected with CEC members who have experience training assessors in other contexts, or who might be interested to help test some of their new materials. Finally, as this first stage face-to-face training takes shape, the Red List training will begin to explore online training environments and again is seeking any CEC membership with this experience, especially in developing e-courses, or using LMS environments for learning.

  • CEC members interested in finding out more about Red List Assessor training or their interest in audio-visual materials development, please contact: Rebecca Miller, Programme Officer, Red List Unit:
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