FAO Policy on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

CEESP member Elizabeth Fox attended the launch event for the FAO Policy on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

She writes, "The launching of the policy was well attended, followed by a light reception and quite a milestone of a success with years of discussions and work behind it.

Maasai women in Tanzania make paste from a mkunde kunde tree that treats animals infected with worms

The Policy document represents a formal commitment from FAO and provides a framework to FAO's work on Indigenous People. Should you wish to have further details, then please contact Regina Laub [


], Focal Point for FAO's Inter-Departmental Working Group on Indigenous Issues. Speakers at the 26 November launch included: Marcela Villarreal, Director Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division, Saul Vincent, UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues {Wahaca, Mexico}, Parviz Koohafkan, Director, Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, Alberto Sandoval, Senior Natural Resources Officer, UN-REDD Programme.

For further information on the background of this policy, and to download a copy, please click on the link to the right.

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Social Policy
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