Biodiversity and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Discover the "I give life to my planet" campaign, a booklet with 336 tips for biodiversity, and a host of resources from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, where CEC member Anne Franklin is CBD focal point.

Anne Franklin

Anne Franklin of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is national focal point to the Convention on Biological Diversity and a new member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC).

“Biodiversity is of life-or-death importance to all of us, and it is our task to make young and old aware of this. Only through all working together can we stop biodiversity loss,” Anne says.

Her office is working to reach to all sectors of the public, using all kinds of publications, media activities, conferences, training courses, and educational material. The “I give life to my planet” campaign is at the centre of its communication strategy. “The campaign wants to attract as many people as possible to biodiversity, and let them see that with small individual actions, we can give a real boost to the protection of the biodiversity that surrounds us."

  • Discover a wide range of biodiversity activities and resources at the Museum of Natural Sciences, which makes the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences available to everyone.

Here are links to some current Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) activities:

Also available in print is a booklet called "336 tips for biodiversity" (in French and Dutch). An international summarized version called "52 actions for biodiversity" is available in all UN languages, including English. A European version will be available soon in all EU languages.

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