YAEF Establishes First Community-based Environmental Television in Nepal

The Youth Awareness Environmental Forum (YAEF) recently established ETV Nepal - Environmental Television Nepal. CEC member  Dr. Astaman Kishee Maharjan is YAEF Chair.

Mt. Everest range view from Mt. Amadablam.

 We have already issued Television License from "Ministry of Information and Communication". We launch our broadcast within 6 months. As per the meeting held on 17th August, 2010 on the chairmanship of CEC member Dr. Astaman Kishee Maharjan, the Youth Awareness Environmental Forum–Environmental Information Center has formed the Environmental Television (ETV Nepal) 11 members' management committee with the coordination of Mr. Ashoj Kumar Maharjan

Programmes varieties will include:

  • Environmental Issues;
  • News and Current affairs;
  • Talk Shows and Political Programmes;
  • Education and Information;
  • Health Awareness and Information;
  • Nature and Heritage Conservation Programme;
  • Public Awareness Programme;
  • Women and Children Awareness Programme;
  • Human Rights Information; and
  • Community Development and Agriculture and Entertainment Programmes.

We are planning to broadcast 8 hours daily. Every day for one hour, we will broadcast Nature Conservation Video documentaries programmes. Our ETV network has a plan to cover Katmandu Valley and surrounding Via Terrestrial transmission and worldwide by using satellite and IPTV technology. Our target population is 5 million, according to our initial survey. The target population consider a range of age groups from children to senior citizens with varying backgrounds. Environmental Television's contents are totally new tested for all and value of this content is purely high.

Our currently running projects include: Environmental Library; Environmental Monthly Magazine; Community Radio-Environment Cycle Radio F.M.104.2Mhz, Lalitpur; Environmental Information Center; UN Tree Plantation Campaign in Nepal; Environmental Work Campaign; Community F.M - Madhapurwa Radio F.M.104Mhz, Dhulikhel; Providing Scholarship Programme who are Very Poor and Diligent; Women Awareness Programme; Educational Programme in 25 Schools at Lalitpur and Bhaktpaur; Awareness of Climate Change in Nepal; Water and Sanitation Programme.

A focus on the environment

Radio and Television are main source of information throughout the world. However, government media of broadcasting have to devote much of their time for broadcasting programme national interest. Therefore, they don't have much time to cover issues related to environment, information, public interest as well as various other important issues. Our objective of study is to establish Television network which will cover all important issues and to reach Katmandu valley via terrestrial as well as cover all over the world via satellite and other objects for the study is how Television Station in Nepal can be established, run in economical and efficient way by utilizing the newly developed broadcasting technology.

The subject matter of programme of Environmental Television mainly include environmental issues, news current affairs, political awareness for people, information, nature and heritage conservation entertainment and so on we believe people of all range will be benefited from our programmes.

Environmental Television Nepal will be dedicated for the preservation and cultivation of environment. So that it will help to bring environmental awareness in the community.

Youth Awareness Environmental Forum(YAEF/Nepal)
Kathmandu Nepal
Environmental Library Lalitpur Godawari Area Badegaon
P O BOX NO 8975 EPC 104
Phone/Fax No 977-1-5560782
WebSite: www.yaefnepal.org

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