ELC hosts Alexandre Kiss Award winner

César Ipenza, recipient of the CEL Alexandre Kiss Award, was the guest of the IUCN ELC for one week.

C. Ipenza, ELC staff

Mr Ipenza gained his Bachelor of Law in 2001, the title of ‘Abogado’ in 2006, and Master in Conservation of Natural Areas in 2008. A civil servant in the Ministry of the Environment of Peru since 2009, he is presently one of the Legal Counsels advising the Minister of the Environment, focusing on conservation issues, indigenous peoples, energy policy and artisanal and informal mining activities. His interest in environmental and sustainable development questions of regional and global interest is exemplified by his contributions to a number of studies for international organizations, including UNEP, IBRD, IIED, and the Nature Conservancy, among others. He has been a member of the IUCN Commission on Environmental law since 2006.

The Commission’s Award was created in memory of Professor Alexandre Kiss, an early and lifelong member of CEL whose life was dedicated to the advancement of environmental law. The purpose of the Award is to encourage the work of young environmental lawyers, and is the result of a world-wide contest, in which César Ipenza participated with a paper entitled ‘ Biofuels: are they an efficient energy alternative?’

The prize attached to this Award is a visit to the IUCN Law Centre in Bonn for a period of one week, which for César Ipenza started on June 7 and was a very busy one. His time in Bonn, divided between getting acquainted with the staff of the ELC and their tasks, exploring the Library and ECOLEX, meeting other CEL members in town for a meeting on climate change, and sightseeing in Bonn and Cologne, was by his own account an informative and enjoyable experience.

Alejandro Iza and his crew join the Chair of CEL and her Steering Committee in congratulating C. Ipenza. His Award certificate is on its way!

PS from César: "... me he sentido como en casa, muchas gracias; he concretado un sueño de conocer el ELC y a gente tan amable ...."

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Environmental Law
Environmental Law
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