CEC's Next Steps in Knowledge Management

CEC is working to enhance knowledge management and CEC’s web presence. Part of the puzzle is a need shared by CEC, other Commissions, and IUCN as a whole for a more robust content management system. The knowledge management group at the CEC Steering Committee Meeting outlined next steps.

Megan Camp at the CEC Steering Committee Meeting 2010

What is knowledge management in the context of CEC? It’s about meeting people’s needs for knowledge, information and data, using communications and learning methods and tools.

CEC is working to enhance knowledge management and CEC’s web presence. During the CEC Steering Committee Meeting 2010, small groups focused on meeting objectives. The Knowledge Management group agreed to take the following next steps:

  • Gather audience information through a survey and provide feedback to IUCN about gaps such as membership application needs;
  • Identify communication channels to meet needs of diverse IUCN and CEC audiences; 
  • Implement a clearinghouse for educational resources to be used by the World Conservation Institute and the World Conservation Learning Network;
  • Use the IUCN Constituency Relationship Management (CRM) system;
  • Promote the ongoing use of Posterous by the CEC Steering Committee.

All participants at the Steering Committee Meeting explored a new tool in the IUCN content management system called Constituency Relationship Management (CRM), which is to be unveiled later this year. After a brief training, they used their new passwords to enter the CRM, update their profiles and view the calendar function. This tool is intended to serve Commissions, IUCN Members and Secretariat staff.

Andy Alm, Specialty Group Leader for Knowledge Management, proposed that the Steering Committee continue to make active use Posterous (see http://posterous.com/) to share news and materials, simply by sending an email to a site that displays it like a blog. In the absence of a suitable IUCN system, Posterous will serve as an alternative solution to ensure that the CEC Steering Committee is able to communicate and exchange information.


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