Eco-tourism is becoming a source of income for communities in Madagascar

Tourism activities in the natural parks of Madagascar are increasingly becoming a source of livelihood for communities through income generating activities and creation of employment opportunities.

Fanamby, an IUCN Member since 2007, has been focusing on biodiversity conservation and facilitating partnerships between communities and the private sector around eco-tourism activities. Fanamby believes that these areas form the fundamental basis for the sustainability of eco-tourism activities.


Through the partnerships, communities are able to benefit from the knowledge and the professionalism of the private sector in term of hotel businesses and marketing. The community maintains the ownership of the land and the capital fund.


Fanamby is a not-for-profit conservation organization with a team of young, dynamic and multidisciplinary professionals. Fanamby Executive Secretary, Rajaobelina Serge believes that natural parks are a platform for sustainable livelihoods through the promotion of biodiversity conservation and tourism projects that benefit the



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