IUCN-ADB to publish River Basin Management cases across Asia-Pacific

IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Asia Regional Water and Wetlands Programme and the Asian Development Bank have begun work on a new study of river basin management in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mangrove restoration in Sri Lanka Photo: © Vimukthi Weeratunga

The objective is to create increased awareness at the highest levels of regional and national leaders and decision makers about basin management practices that work. The publication and the related knowledge portal will provide a reference tool for knowledge-based investments in river basin management in the Asia-Pacific region. The study will highlight examples where new approaches and practices are helping basin stakeholders to adopt improved water governance to help adaptation to changing situations in the basins.

Some of the themes and issues that will be addressed in the publication include water rights, allocation, water quality, storage, urbanization, environment, disaster risk management, coastal zone management, and climate change and the rationale for managing these in a river basin context. The publication will highlight working practices that are being followed to tackle these challenges in countries and across the region.

Case studies from rivers across the Asia-Pacific will be presented in outline, with further details available through the knowledge portal. Selected case studies will be included in the publication. Agencies and organizations working on basin management across Asia-Pacific are invited to contribute their experience by adding case studies and messages for inclusion in the book.

All contributions will be fully acknowledged. The publication is scheduled for release during the Stockholm Water Week in September 2010. If you are aware of interesting cases, please send contributions or suggestions to ganesh.pangare@iucn.org and wlincklaenarriens@adb....

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