CEC in 2009: IUCN Collaboration and Connections

Across the diverse Commissions of IUCN, connections are being made. CEC is in a unique position to connect the Commissions because our members are skilled in building partnerships and networks, targeting audiences for message impact, influencing attitudes and changing behaviour.

Connecting with other Commissions, pictured here with the World Commission on Protected Areas

CEC is committed to the new focus on inter-Commission collaboration in support of the IUCN One Programme. In 2009, CEC took the first step towards a pragmatic new relationship with WCPA, the World Commission on Protected Areas. CEC also forged closer links to CEESP, the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy.

Joint Steering Committee meeting with WCPA

CEC and WCPA scheduled their annual Steering Committee meetings at the same place at the same time: May 2009 in Otavalo, Ecuador. Each met separately for two days, joined one day for local field trips, and devoted one day to planning joint action to raise the profile of protected areas, particularly in addressing climate change and protecting biodiversity.

Members of the two Commissions worked together to explore new collaboration in target areas:

  • how to access and add to pools of conservation knowledge
  • how to apply the tools of strategic communication including media and fundraising
  • how to build professional capacity from parks managers to policy-makers
  • how to engage young people as Commission members.

A video was produced of the joint meeting of the two Commissions with support from the Ecuadorian Government and the SUR Office.

Later in the year, CEC members Frits Hesselink and Susanna Calvo attended the WCPA Climate Change Summit in Granada, offering strategic approaches to communicating the importance of protected areas to climate change mitigation.

CEC Members Making Connections

• More than 20 CEC members met over dinner at the Fifth World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) in Montreal, for example. The dinner’s organizer, Suzana Padua, said the exchange of ideas was inspirational: “It is not everyday that we have a chance to meet a team of professionals who have common interests and goals. There were people from many countries and sectors sharing their expertise, achievements and lessons learned. Even more exciting are the partnerships that were woven, because being a CEC member already brings a sense of dealing with credible and experienced professionals who are committed to bettering the world.”

• CEC Regional Vice-Chair for East Asia, Dr. Xiangrong Wang, presented the Commission and its work during the IUCN China Member's Meeting on 3 June 2009 in Beijing, China.

• The IUCN CEC National French Committee (la Commission "Education et Communication" du Comité français de l’UICN) met in Paris in June. The event brought together members of IUCN France and experts in communication, education and awareness to coordinate national events and activities during the International Year of Biodiversity.

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