CEC in 2009: Green Economy

Greening the world economy is an IUCN priority. CEC members ventured into this area in 2009, making their strongest contribution by way of strategic advice.


What does IUCN do about greening the economy?

IUCN works with governments to ensure that economic, trade and investment policies better integrate biodiversity values. IUCN also works with companies, industry associations and consumer groups to put nature and environmental concerns into plans and action. IUCN helps guide market decisions and persuade policy makers that economic policies and markets should be reformed to support nature conservation. IUCN also ensures the impacts of economic decisions, trade and investment on biodiversity are considered, assessed and better managed.

Business and biodiversity

In 2009, Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair, was asked to contribute to an IUCN team to visit Rio Tinto Utah to assess due diligence for business and biodiversity.

Training for the private sector

CEC member Gillian Martin Mehers gave a presentation on CEC’s work to the SGS company (Switzerland) that led to a meeting with Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair, and a collaborative project proposal process that included Frits Hesselink for a potential CEC-supported in-house training on sustainability.

Strategic advice to government

CEC member Arturo Curiel assisted the government of the state of Jalisco, Mexico, in the development of renewable energy strategies.  He also carried out a study on the threats to biodiversity that was used to draft the state’s study on biodiversity and conservation strategies.

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