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IUCN’s Business and Biodiversity Programme organized a four day event “Private Sector @ IUCN” from 19 – 22 October in its Head Quarters in Gland, Switzerland. The event brought together IUCN staff working with the private sector and representatives from businesses interacting with IUCN.

Private Sector @ IUCN Photo: IUCN

The week opened with two days of intensive work with IUCN staff to build capacity and share experiences in working with the private sector, strengthen implementation of the IUCN Operational Guidelines for Private Sector Engagement, and to provide an opportunity for IUCN business and biodiversity focal points to network with each other. The remainder of the week brought in participants from businesses which IUCN is engaging with, or may be entering into discussions with to provide an opportunity to exchange views, to feed into key IUCN processes, and to create better understanding of relationships and synergies on business and biodiversity issues and processes.

Over 30 IUCN staff members participated, 10 from the regional offices, and the remainder from the global thematic programmes. There were 26 participants from the private sector, representing the following organizations: CEMEX, Danone, Ecosecurities, EDF, ENI, European Investment Bank, Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), GDF-Suez, Global Refund Group, Green & Black’s representing Cadbury, Holcim, IPIECA, Kinnarps, LAFARGE, Nespresso, Rio Tinto, Royal Caribbean International, Royal Philips Electronics, SGS, Shell, Syngenta, WBCSD, and the World Economic Forum.

The sessions covered issues such as linkages between business activities and the IUCN core and thematic programme areas (conserving biodiversity, climate change, energy, livelihoods and markets), perspectives from the private sector on options for a post 2010 target for biodiversity conservation, and inputs on strategic thinking for IUCN’s work with the sectors of agriculture, mining, tourism and small and medium sized enterprises.

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