CEC Member Begins Media Expedition in Africa

Journalists based in Africa are invited to contact Haroldo Castro - environmental journalist, photographer, blogger and CEC member. Meet Haroldo as he travels across Southern and Eastern Africa producing feature stories for Brazil's Globo Network. He calls his project Lights of Africa. 

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Dear journalists based in Africa,

I am a Brazilian environmental journalist and photographer and I am about to start one of the most interesting journeys of my life. Because Africa will be the focus of the media attention in 2010 (at least, for Brazil, due to the World Cup in South Africa), my plan is to travel extensively in Southern and Eastern Africa during the next 9 months.

I will land in Cape Town this next Friday (Nov 6), where I am planning to stay few weeks, time enough to buy a 4x4 and do all its necessary paperwork. In December, we will start our journey by road that will take us north - we hope - until Sudan. We will be back for the World Cup in South Africa on July 2010.

The objective of the journey is to produce (as a freelancer) inspiring and creative feature stories (print and video) for different publications/programs of Globo Network, a Brazilian media giant. The key element of the project, called LIGHTS OF AFRICA, is to uncover the many faces of hope that shine in this part of Africa. We will NOT focus on the negative side of the continent; we want to rework the mindset of the Brazilian public opinion, highlighting the positives changes that are already happening and showing examples of success. Four major themes will drive the media stories sought out in the region:

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • World Heritage sites
  • Desertification
  • Sustainable tourism

For that reason, I need your help! Although I have been in 29 of the 53 African countries, I am going to Africa with an open spirit of learning and discovery. I would need your support to ensure that I can find great positive stories about your country, as well as key people that would represent your culture in this quest. I will travel with my 26 year-old son, Mikael Castro, who is an anthropologist and communicator.

We will go through the following countries:

December 2009: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique
January 2010: Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya
February 2010: Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibuti
March 2010: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt
April 2010: Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda
May 2010: Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya
June 2010: Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana
July 2010: Angola, Namibia, South Africa

You can check our tentative itinerary at our website

If you live in one of these countries listed above, PLEASE respond to me. I would love to meet you as soon as I arrive in your town. Besides the professional matters that links us, it will be great to find a new friend!

Best regards, Haroldo

Haroldo Castro

East and Southern Africa
South Africa
South Africa
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