IUCN Welcomes Nauru as New State Member

The Government of the Republic of Nauru has officially announced its decision to join IUCN by endorsing the IUCN Statutes, becoming the 80th State Member of the world’s largest and oldest environmental network. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment has been designated by the Government of the Republic of Nauru as its liaison with the IUCN Secretariat.

Nauru Coat of Arms

IUCN extends its warmest welcome to Nauru, a small phosphate-rock island located in the western Pacific Ocean, 42 km south of the equator and 300 km west of Banaba Island in Kiribati, its closest neighbour. Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation, covering just 21 square kilometers with its highest point rising to 65 metres above sea level. With an oceanic area of at least 120,000 square miles, the health of the ocean is of particular importance to Nauru, offering a plentiful fishery resource to its people. A key player in environmental issues in the international arena, Nauru was the first signatory to the Climate Change Convention in Vienna in 1985. Since then Nauru has officially shown that concern for the environment and sustainable development is high on its agenda. The diversity of Nauru’s natural resources, its history, its cultural diversity, and its commitments to a sustainable, healthy environment, make us proud to welcome this country as a new State Member of our Union.

"I am proud to see Nauru join the brotherhood of nations who are Members of IUCN – the world’s preeminent environmental agency,” commented the Honorable Frederick Pitcher, Nauru’s Minister of Commerce, Industry and Environment. "We share the same aspirations and are keen to work with IUCN and its Members for the betterment of our country and region. There is no nobler a cause today than the fight to safeguard our environment for the benefit of future generations, and to this end we pledge our full support to the international efforts to address climate change and biodiversity loss."

The Republic of Nauru is a signatory to key environmental conventions such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The Republic of Nauru joins Fiji, Australia and New Zealand as State Members of IUCN from Oceania.
I look forward to working with stakeholders in Nauru on issues at a national, regional and international level”, says Taholo Kami, Director for IUCN’s Oceania Regional Office. “Climate Change has raised the stakes for our Pacific Island countries - IUCN continues to work with our members and regional partners to ensure the environment continues to provide a platform for sustainable futures for our Pacific people.”

Contact person: Helen Pippard, Membership Focal Point, IUCN Regional Office for Oceania
Tel: +679 3319-084, Email: helen.pippard@iucn.org

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