IUCN and NCWCD partner to conserve biodiversity in Saudi Arabia

The need for biodiversity conservation in Saudi Arabia has become a rising priority, where good practice and scientific knowledge is highly required. Building on a 20-year-partnership in protected areas management, the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) has extended the partnership with IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA). IUCN will provide technical support to NCWCD in the field of biodiversity conservation focusing on effective implementation of the Convention in Biological Diversity (CBD) obligations.

National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) Photo: National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD)

In view of the fact that the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources is one of the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), IUCN ROWA has collaborated with the IUCN Environmental Law Center to develop a national Saudi strategy on access and benefit sharing in relation to genetic resources. Through this collaboration, a strategic plan for the collection and documentation of biodiversity related traditional knowledge and practices will also be developed. This activity is part of the overall biodiversity action plan 2009 that has been set by both parties.

As part of the 2009 activities, IUCN is providing technical assistance to NCWCD by developing an Invasive Alien Species Strategy and an Assessment of Potential Climate Change in Saudi Arabia. IUCN is also will help in supervising the drafting process of the National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plans (NBSAP) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, basically to oversee the whole process of preparation for outlines, compilation and editing of the NBSAP text.

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