Artículo | 21 Mayo, 2024

CEC partners with Green Film Network to support the 'Oscars' of environmental cinema

IUCN CEC and #NatureForAll partnered with the Green Film Network to amplify environmental film festivals globally, and to support the 2023 Green Film Network Award, considered to be the "Oscars" of international environmental cinema. 


The Green Film Network is the most important global association of environmental film festivals. Founded in 2013, it currently consists of 32 member festivals from a diversity of geographies and cultures. 

In 2014 the Network introduced the Green Film Network Award, honoring the most inspiring and impactful works of environmental cinema. Nominated by the world’s leading green film festivals and selected by an international jury, they are competing for the titles of: Best Short Green Film and Best Feature Green Film

Since 2023, the annual Green Film Network Awards have been supported by a dedicated cooperation between the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and #NatureForAll, together with GFN. This partnership safeguards the highest quality standards of all procedures involved and the award’s global relevance.

IUCN CEC Steering Committee Members Luis Alberto Camargo (Regional Vice Chair for South America) and Diana Garlytska (Regional Vice Chair for Europe, and Co-Chair of Youth and Intergenerational Partnerships Specialist Group), along with CEC Chair Sean Southey, served on the international jury for the awards and provided support and guidance for Awards in 2023. 

The GFN Award Ceremony travels the world and visits well-chosen GFN member festivals. In previous years the GFN Award was hosted in Paris (France), Zaragoza (Spain), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), San Francisco (USA), Toronto (Canada), Seia (Portugal) and Innsbruck (Austria).

The 2023 Awards were celebrated with a Gala on December 7th, 2023 at CINE MORELOS, in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and presented by CINEMA PLANETA, Mexico's International Film and Environment Festival.

On December 7, 2023 the Cine Morelos was transformed into a gala stage with beautiful decorations, all made from recycled materials in allusion to nature. The award ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Eleonora Isunza Gutiérrez, co-founder and president of the GFN and co-founder of Cinema Planeta with Gustavo Ballesté. Also in attendance were Katherine Bruce, director of Planet in Focus, Canada and member of the GFN board of directors, Ursula Parrilla, IUCN Regional Director for the Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, among others. Both winning films were screened during the event and delighted the audience with their unique cinematographic approach.

The Awards and Festival showcased once and again the powerful impact of film to reach and inform global audiences and raise awareness about the conflicts that affect our world.

Read more about the 2023 Green Film Awards and selected winning films. 

GFN Awards From left to right: Ursula Parilla/IUCN CEC Regional Director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Eleonora Isunza/CINEMAPLANETA, MX and GFN Chair of Board, Katherine Bruce/PLANET IN FOCUS, CAN and GFN Member of Board, and Ramón Perezgil Salcido IUCN CEC member of Council Meso and South America. Photo Credit: GFN