Declaración de la dirección | 22 Mayo, 2024

IUCN Director General’s Statement for International Day for Biodiversity 2024

Biodiversity is the tapestry of life on which we all depend. We are capable, through positive action, of halting and reversing biodiversity loss. This International Day for Biodiversity reminds us of the need to protect Planet Earth, and IUCN reaffirms its commitment to Be part of the Plan.

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Photo: © Kanenori/Pixabay

With 1,400 Members, including states, sub-national governments, non-governmental organisations, Indigenous peoples’ organisations, and 16,000 experts around the globe, IUCN is well-positioned to work with countries to conserve nature.

We stand at a key moment where parties are committed to updating their National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) as an essential tool to achieving the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework – also known as the Biodiversity Plan. More than 100 tools and guidelines developed by IUCN contribute to implementing the Plan's targets. These tools include our world-leading expertise in nature-based solutions, species conservation, and protected areas.

Today, IUCN has published the first worldwide mangrove assessment for the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems, a global standard for measuring ecosystem health. This marks the first time this standard was used to assess a whole ecosystem group across the planet, and the findings will help all stakeholders work to restore and conserve mangrove forests, which millions of people in vulnerable communities depend on.

As preparations for the 16th United Nations (UN) Biodiversity Conference get underway, IUCN’s nine Regional Conservation Fora (RCFs) are also taking place around the globe. With the last RCF ending in Colombia just before the UN conference, they offer a platform to showcase the breadth and depth of IUCN’s contributions to the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. These fora also serve as a call to action, showing us how we all have a role to play, whether we are part of government, business, civil society, or Indigenous peoples and local communities. Only through coming together and recognising all voices can we thrive.

This International Day for Biodiversity, IUCN invites you to join us in weaving a better, brighter, healthier future for people and planet.