Artículo | 11 Abr, 2023

New UN e-learning course on gender and the environment

Elisa Morgera, One Ocean Hub Director; & Mitchell Lennan, Aberdeen University lecturer

As part of our ongoing partnership with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the Hub has developed a new e-learning course on gender and the environment, which builds on the Hub research on human rights and the protection of the environment.

The course is titled “Introductory Course on Gender and the Environment” and is available on the UNEP e-learning platform InforMEA (the UN Information Portal on Multilateral Environmental Agreements) and the Law and Environment Assistance Platform. The course explores the extent to which gender equality has been addressed under international environmental agreements, as well as international human rights processes, with regard to: land and terrestrial biodiversity, ocean, climate change, chemicals and freshwaters. It looks, each thematic area, at access to resources, participation in relevant decisions, mainstreaming, and access to support. 

The course content was developed by Hub Director, Elisa Morgera, and early-career researcher Mitchell Lennan (at the time at Strathclyde University; now lecturer at Aberdeen University, UK). It builds on Hub research on gender equality and ocean governance, which we have shared with the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, the UN Special Rapporteur on Climate Change and Human Rights, the UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights, and UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Hub researchers in Ghana, Namibia and Ghana are currently finalizing a series of new research outputs on gender and ocean governance, that will be published in 2023.