Noticias | 13 Oct, 2022

IUCN launches network of regional government members engaged for nature

Jeju, Republic of Korea, 13 October 2022 (IUCN) - At the first IUCN Leaders Forum in Jeju, Republic of Korea, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and Jeju Special Self-governing Province have launched the Nature Province Partnership: a new network of regional authorities, including districts, provinces and federated states. The Partnership will support the nature conservation efforts of IUCN Members at this intermediate level of government.

Provinces form a vital bridge between national governments and citizens; they also have a critical role in implementing national environmental policy on the ground. This makes them essential partners to conserve nature in a just and sustainable way. The Nature Province Partnership caters to the roles and interests of regional governments and creates a space for them to exchange knowledge, learn from each other and speak with a collective voice,” said IUCN Director General, Dr Bruno Oberle.

The Nature Province Partnership is open to districts, provinces, regions or federated states that are IUCN Members in the sub-national government category. Going forward, Jeju Self-governing Province and IUCN will host regular exchanges of best practices, either in-person or virtually, including through a dedicated session at future IUCN Leaders Fora, where members will also agree on the priorities and collaboration areas of the network.

Sharing a close relationship with local residents, local governments will become the key players in the sustainable preservation of the natural environment, and Jeju will spearhead the new Nature Province Partnership,” said Governor of Jeju Self-governing Province, Young Hun Oh.

During a launch ceremony at the IUCN Leaders Forum Jeju 2022, representatives from regional governments in Asia, Europe and North America shared best practices and discussed conservation priorities and challenges in regions and provinces. Mr Young Hun Oh, Governor of the Jeju Self-governing Province and IUCN Director General, Dr Bruno Oberle then formally signed the certificate establishing the Nature Province Partnership.