1 million Euros for biodiversity!

This is not an April Fools’ joke, the FEMP and the Spanish Ministry of the Environment has announced a 1-million-jackpot competition for biodiversity. Local governments in Spain are encouraged to present their best ideas to protect the natural heritage to try and win one of the prizes up for grabs (first prize 200,000 Euros, second 150,000, third 100,000, plus 11 prizes worth 50,000).


The winners will use the prize money to implement their winning projects. Local governments will have to complete the implementation of their projects within two years of the award. All participants in the competition will have to join Red Mas Biodiversidad 2010 and Countdown 2010, as well as guarantee the availability of the land where their projects will be implemented.

The initiative was presented at an event on 30-31 March organized by Red Mas Biodiversidad 2010. More than 150 participants – of which about 100 were local authorities – witnessed the launch of a local strategy for biodiversity and a system of indicators to monitor biodiversity at the local level.

The Countdown 2010 network of local and regional authorities in Spain is among the best developed in Europe. The strong link between Countdown 2010 and Red Mas Biodiversidad 2010 allows administrators to reinforce their commitments to biodiversity. One of the pre-requisites to becoming a partner of Red Mas Biodiversidad 2010 is to adhere to the principles of CD2010.

The IUCN Spanish National Committee will host the VI Forum on Biodiversity in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, on 21-22 May. This edition will focus on the causes of biodiversity loss and strategies to reduce it. All the Countdown 2010 partners in Spain are invited to join to further strengthen their work for biodiversity.

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