Our Work

WCEL supports action by international governmental organisations, governments and non-governmental organisations to improve or develop legal and institutional infrastructure best attuned to natural resources conservation in the context of sustainable development.

Environmental law is a crucial lever in generating transformative change.

WCEL works to enhance the development and strengthen the implementation of environmental law and policy, including through best practices and inter-sectoral strategies for effective compliance and enforcement.

WCEL promotes the environmental rule of law globally, particularly in countries that seek to improve their law and governance systems.

WCEL aims to strengthen the capacity of governments, the judiciary, prosecutors, law schools and other stakeholders as they develop and implement environmental law.

Goals of WCEL

  • advancing local, national, regional and international laws, administrative instruments and customary norms that support the environmental rule of law, are grounded in environmental ethics and foster ecological sustainability;

  • conducting and promoting education and research to strengthen the environmental rule of law and undertaking capacity building to enable governments and stakeholders to actively participate in effective environmental governance at all levels;

  • supporting the effective implementation of environmental laws and ensure effective compliance and enforcement;

  • providing a forum for the development and integration of environmental law into all aspects and levels of governance; and

  • creating and promoting partnerships to support development, implementation and enforcement of environmental rule of law and extending professional and expert networks dedicated to the environmental rule of law.