Climate Change Resilience in Egypt

Two locations chosen for Egypt, Beni Suef & Minya.

Beni Suef: Bahsimoon, Mayana, Masharka

Minya: Taybeh, Kom al Raheb, Shosheh


Both Beni Suef and Minya governorates are considered as the poorest areas in Egypt and fall under the lowest development levels as per the UN Human Development Report.  Climate change studies predict a great decrease in the productivity of wheat and maize in Egypts agricultural areas by 19%, an increase in water salinity by 15% and new animal diseases to emerge by 2050. The deterioration of the agricultural & livestock sector will deem it unattainable for locals in those areas. 

With SEARCH working on how to engage and overcome these negative impacts, areas will start to adress, cope and overcome them by learning how to statigicly plan for them ahead of time.