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Regenerative Agriculture Report: An opportunity for businesses and society to restore degraded land in Africa

Research has shown that land degradation has had, and will have, severe impacts on crop production and supply chains in Africa. Regenerative agriculture has been found to be an important part of the solution. A report commissioned by IUCN and the UNFCCC High Level Champions and steered by a working group of African partners ahead of Climate COP26 in Glasgow provides compelling, quantitative evidence of the positive impacts of regenerative agricultural practices. This report presents the case for regenerative agriculture to play a key role within broader land restoration activities and its potential to benefit smallholder farmers, business and society. It demonstrates the benefits of a transition to practices such as agroforestry and soil management as methods to boost yields, improve human nutrition and livelihoods, supporting soil and ecosystem health. The report also looks ahead with detailed forecasts up to the year 2040.


You can listen to a podcast on this report here.