Governance, Equity and Rights (CEESP Theme)

The Theme for Governance, Equity and Rights (TGER) engages its diverse membership to learn from and share field-based experience and knowledge, enhance capacity recognition and capacity building, convene and support networks, and distill best practices and tools. A core function of TGER is to integrate governance principles with equity and rights-based into the policies and programs of IUCN and other organizations. TGER is fully committed to and supports IUCN’s ongoing work and increasing mandate to enhance youth participation and intergenerational action and equity in conservation and environmental governance, more broadly. TGER has been a core theme of CEESP since 2004 and has played a key role in building recognition of Indigenous and community conserved areas and diverse protected area governance types. TGER was also the original host for the IUCN Natural Resources Governance Framework (NRGF).

Thematic Priorities/Working Groups

TGER has 4 thematic priorities/working groups, which provide insights and direction to the Chair and Deputy Chair:

  1. Governance working group – will work closely with the “learning for governance network” 

  2. Equity working group – focus on policy, practice, and power in resource negotiations

  3. Human rights working group – with a particular focus on the Global Biodiversity Framework

  4. Youth and intergenerational policy working group


Membership in the subgroups is limitless and each subgroup has a lead/co-leads. Leads must be current members of TGER and statements of interest for lead positions should be sent to this email.

Potential outputs: 

  • The subgroups have quarterly meetings with the steering committee leads 

  • An all in AGM with the whole steering committees and members

  • A quarterly newsletter featuring the work of TGER, including all working groups

  • Annual report detailing all outputs and plans for the following year

  • Products relating to specific projects, e.g., the Learning for Governance network and portal project