Cooperation with CIESIN on MEA data

IUCN and CIESIN ( Centre for International Earth Science Information Network, Columbia University) have signed a cooperation agreement regarding the further use and development of the IUCN data on Multilateral Environmental Agreements ( MEAs), which are one of the components of IUCN ELC's contribution to ECOLEX (see

A. Iza signs for IUCN

The agreement was signed by Dr Alejandro Iza, Director of IUCN ELC, and Dr Robert S. Chen, Director of CIESIN (above) early February.

The result of this cooperation will be twofold: firstly, the MEA data will become available through CIESIN’s ENTRI ( Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators) service; secondly, CIESIN will develop a number of additional functionalities – such as mapping of treaty participation – which will be made available for use in ECOLEX.

The partners operating ECOLEX, the Gateway to Environmental Law (FAO, IUCN, UNEP) look forward to a fruitful and long-lasting cooperation with CIESIN.

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