Stakeholder Feedback to Shape Water for Food and Ecosystems Framework

Water stakeholders convened at an IUCN-MARD-organised workshop in Hue from 12-13 December to discuss a draft water management framework meant to foster multi-sectoral collaboration at national and local levels.

Các đại biểu thăm hệ sinh thái ĐNN và cân nhắc các phương án quản lý theo hướng nước cho lương thực và hệ sinh thái Photo: IUCN

The framework was drafted under the Water for Food and Ecosystems (WFE) partnership between Viet Nam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV). Finalising the framework will complete the 18-month development phase of the project, for which IUCN provided technical assistance.

The WFE partnership seeks to identify strategies for managing water resources that balance agricultural production with maintaining the integrity of critical ecosystems that depend on adequate water flows.

The first phase of the project focused on developing a framework that would allow different sectors, like water, agriculture, fisheries and environment, at both the national and provincial level, to coordinate their policies in a mutually reinforcing and overall consistent WFE strategy for sustainable integrated water resource management.

Prior to the recent National Stakeholders Workshop, IUCN helped facilitate the formation of a multi-stakeholder taskforce that provided input for a needs assessment to determine the current situation, strength, opportunities and constraints related to achieving an integrated WFE strategy in the Vietnamese water management sector.

The needs assessment included a series of case studies seeking to pinpoint areas where single-purpose water management regimes could be expanded to take a wider range of water-use needs into account. The studies examined topics like multiple-use systems, fisheries and aquaculture, water quality and wastewater treatment

Upon completing the assessment activities, a draft WFE framework was produced.

IUCN and MARD organised the December workshop to introduce the WFE concept and initiative to a variety of water sector stakeholders and solicit their input in refining the draft framework and identifying priorities for WFE plans.

The stakeholders listed coping with water degradation and proper wastewater management, among other issues, as some top priorities for the next phase of the project.

Participants also suggested using international lessons learned to incorporate climate change coping strategies into the framework.

Using the feedback from the workshop, the framework and case-study reports will be finalised, including an outline of specific activities to be implemented to meet the WFE goals.

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