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The main goal of this project is to determine the feasibility of applying the IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard to Natura 2000 sites. IUCN wants to involve as many interested stakeholders as possible in this process to ensure that the results of the project are of added value. To this end, IUCN would like Natura 2000 sites managers, government agencies, NGOs and other interested parties to participate in the project. There are two main ways to get involved:

1. Applying for participation in the testing and application of the IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard in Natura 2000 sites.

IUCN issued an open call to Natura 2000 site managers and agencies, inviting them to apply for the testing phase of the project, which closed on the 13th April 2018. The selection of Natura 2000 sites will be based on a number of criteria, such as management type, land ownership, geographical scope, size, boundaries, and participation in other existing certification schemes. Testing of the IUCN Green Listing process is necessary to understand if this process is adequate and can be applied in an EU context to establish a Green List of Natura 2000 sites.

2. Participating in the public stakeholder consultation on the suitability of the adapted IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard for Natura 2000 sites.

In order to get additional feedback and reach a consensus on the Green Listing approach for Natura 2000 sites, a public consultation has taken place. Relevant expert stakeholders such as Natura 2000 site managers, Natura 2000 national focal points, government officials and Civil Society Organisations (NGOs) were invited to submit their comments. This consultation will provide the opportunity to involve a greater number of stakeholders in the adaptation process and will help to ensure that the IUCN Green List becomes an important tool to help improve the performance of Natura 2000 sites. The results of the consultation can be found here

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