IUCN ESARO prepares the ground for effective membership engagement

In keeping with the IUCN Barcelona commitments, the IUCN Secretariat is positioning itself to facilitate effective engagement of members and Commissions in the work of the Union. A senior position was created within the Secretariat to ensure improved support to members and commissions. The Head of Constituency is now based in the Pretoria Office with strong links to both the program and the constituency office in IUCN Headquarters. In addition, communication with members is being improved by – among other things - the introduction of an e-newsletter and a more informative website is to be launched next month.

ESARO Connect Newsletter Photo: IUCN

The Secretariat is ensuring a more participatory programme development process by delaying the submission of the ESARO component program to allow for more consultation with members. For more information on the programme development process, please send an e-mail to kelly.west@iucn.org

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