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SULi North America aims to support and advance SULi's mission at the continental level, while facilitating communication between members. We will focus on regional issues, and encourage all members to share comments, opinions, publications, and news items that may be of interest to others. SULi Vice-Chair - North America, Shane Mahoney, can be contacted at


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The North American Wild Harvest Initiative

Examining the role of recreational hunting and angling in food security, nutrition, land management, and conservation in Canada and the United States.

The non-commercial harvest of fish and wildlife remain crucial to the diets, economies, cultures, and livelihoods of many people around the globe.  However, quantifying the significance of this food has seldom been attempted at a national scale.  A new project launched by Shane Mahoney, Vice-Chair of the CEESP/SSC Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group, aims to accurately measure the biomass, economic value, and ecological replacement costs of the current annual harvest of wild protein in Canada and the United States. ​

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Monograph on the role of Hunting and Conservation in North America now available

​Dec 15, 2016

In 2013,  SULi Vice-Chair - North America, Shane Mahoney,  served as guest editor for the International Journal of Environmental Studies (IJES), and guided, with co-editor, Jackie Weir, publication of a new monograph, Conservation and Hunting in North America. A second volume of work, Conservation and Hunting in North America II was published in 2015. These works portray the rich history and conservation impacts of recreational hunting in North America.  The collected works were authored by some of North America’s leading conservation experts and explore the recovery and successful management of wildlife in Canada and the United States over the last one hundred years.  Focusing mostly on case studies for wildlife species recovery and significant achievements in North American conservation that can be directly linked to recreational hunting, these two volumes explore a wide range of topics, including the economic and social benefits of hunting, the concept of private land conservation, conservation ethics and practices of Canadian Inuit, hunter contributions to wildlife science and the conservation benefits of recreational angling.  These compilations constitute the largest single source of peer-reviewed work available on this topic for North America and thus are an important reference source for anyone wishing to explore the context and trajectory of sustainable use of wildlife in Canada and the United States.

Both monographs are available for purchase at  In addition, individual articles from Conservation and Hunting II may be downloaded from SULi North America’s online library at  Should you have comments or seek further information please feel free to contact Shane directly by email at

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